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    Two-way closed ended zippers
    Length: 8, 10, 12, 14, 50, 55
    Pieces per package: 50 pcs.

    Colour: black (332)


    Uses: blouses, skirts, dresses, jackets.

  • Jeans shank button (I-OK0-17NJB…)

    Product code:  I-OK0-17NJB…-… Stailnless jeans button 17mm,  smooth, 500 pcs
    Product code:  I-OK0-17NJB…-… Stailnless jeans button 17mm, stars, 500 pcs
    Stainless with plastic shank. Two models: smooth and stars
    Size: 17mm
    Colours: chrome, gold, vintage brass, zink ,black oxidized, 
    Package content: 500
    Applications: cheap, solid and in good quality. Button is most commonly used on jeans, denim jackets or vests. This product is available in many different colours.

    Actual colours and price details

  • I-SOF-05- … – Softshell fabric with fur

    91% PES  3% SPANDEX  6% TPU
    Membrane: 3000/500
    Width: 145cm
    Colors: black (332)

    Using: jackets, sportswear

  • Prong Snap Button 9,5 mm (I-OK0-PCSNWWD95-…)

    Product code: I-OK0-PCSNWWD95-…
    Composition: Stainless
    Colours: 101 – white, 134 – light pink, 313 – grey, 327 –  khaki, 332 – black
    Package content: 200
    Applications: With sewable and pressable models, the prong snap buttons continue to add style to coats, jackets and trousers. Nowadays when the snaps are made of metal since the plastic version of them are unpreferable due to the difficulty to use, the caps of the snaps are changeable.

    Actual colours and price details


    GOLD threads are special-purpose core threads made from continuous fibres braided from cut fibres. Thanks to this solution we get very versatile threads characterised with higher tensile strength and very good sewability and at the same time properties of stacked threads are preserved (cotton grip). Thanks to these properties the threads are perfect where strong stitch is important, i.e. for garments from heavy fabrics, workwear or sport and outdoor wear. These threads are also recommended for buttonhole sewing machines as such machines require strong threads that do not rupture. The threads are highly fade resistant when exposed to chemicals and UV radiation

    Technical data: 420 dtex (210×2), 5000M, tensile strength 1950 cN (as against STAR 80 whose tensile strength is 1500 cN) Yarn packing: 5000


    22 colours in our offer.


  • Pins (I-OK0-PIN…)

    Product code: I-OK0-PIN…-…
    Composition: Galvanized Brass
    Colours: silver, gold, graphite
    Package content: 100
    Purpose: They are used to decorate lapel of coat, jacket, shirt but also for backback, handbag, etc. We have fancy pins models such as anchor, scissors, feather, glasses.

    Currently available colors and patterns

  • Fusable web tape with glue (I-X50-WEB)

    Product code: I-X50-WEB
    Composition: 100% polyamide
    Basis weight:  23 g/m²
    Width: 10 mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm.
    Beam: 100 rm
    Applications: Tape joins together small items of clothing easily. We recommend for thin and delicate fabrics.
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Our best sellers

  • Polyamide raincoat “SPRINT”, 100% polyester with coating (I-XK0-190)

    Product code: I-XK0-190

    Composition: 100% polyester, PA coverage

    Basis weight: approximately 60 g/m²

    Width: 152 cm

    Applications: jackets, rainproof coat, cape and also as lining for bags and backpacs.

    Actual colours and price details

  • Elastic Tape (I-EL0-880…)

    Product code: I-EL0-880…-… 

    Width: 4, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50mm

    Composition: polyester, elastane

    Beam: width 4-6 mm – 100 rm, width 10-15 mm – 50 rm, width 20-50mm  – 25 rm

    Colours: white and black

    Applications: Elastic tape is made of a soft material. It is elastic (tension), after expanding returns to its original state. Elastic is most often inserted into garments to the waist or under the bust to dress, so it holds better on the spot, etc. 

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  • Lining “BASIC” (I-XP0-P1…)

    Product code: I-XP0-P1

    Composition: 100% polyester

    Basis weight: about 50-52 g/m²

    Width: 152 cm

    Applications: The lining fabric is suitable for coats, jackets, dresses but it can also be used for decorative purpose (banquet hall etc.)

    Actual colours and price details

  • Sewing Threads “HARD 5000″ (I-N50-40-…)

    “Hard” are general-purpose, polyester threads excel in their quality. They are made by spinning or twisting together shorter lengths of polyester fibers. They have excellent sewing skills, exhibits in seam strength. 

    Product code: I-N50-40-…

    Composition: 100% polyester

    Net weight: 130 g

    Symbol: 40/2 (120)

    Applications: they are designed most machine and hand sewing projects (basic seam and backstitch). This thread is suitable for fabrics with stretch in them and is especially good for woven synthetics, knits and stretch fabrics. 

    Actual colours and price details

Products at exceptionally good prices:

  • zipper tape #5 spiral (I-T50-…)

    Zipper tape #5 with wide coil – create set with sliders of the same size (you can buy sliders separately). Available in a variety of colors.

    Product code: I-T50-…

    Coil dimension: #5 (about 5,9 mm)

    Coil composition: polyamide

    Tape composition: polyester

    Tape width: 30 mm (+/- 2 mm)

    Composition: About 16,5 g/m²

    Beam: 200 mb

    Applications: It is used for purses, backpacks, tents, footwear, clothes.

    Actual colours and price details

  • Polyamide fabric “CODURA” 600 (I-AO0-060-…)

    Product code: I-AO0-060-…

    Composition: 100% polyester, PVC coverage

    Width: 152 cm

    Symbol: 600×300

    Applications: Thick, abrasion resistance fabric with PVC  elastic coverage. It is used for bags, antimacassar, covers, dog bed etc.

    Actual colours and price details

  • Satin Lining “Satin” (I-XS0…)

    Product code: I-XSO

    Composition: 100% polyester

    Basis weight:  70 g/m²

    Width: 150 cm (160 cm is also available for white colour)

    Applications: The precious variety of satin lining. Twill weaves give glossy surface and lend glamour to fabric. It is used for decorations and clothes.

    Actual colours and price details