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is the largest distributor of fabrics and haberdasheries in Europe.

We offer the widest range of raw materials for garments making, leathercraft and other sectors of textile industry in Poland.
Our offer includes over 40 000 of products such as fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, threads, zippers, dummies, rubbers, needles, hangers, yarns, hobby products and many other haberdasheries.

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We are a representative of renowned Polish and foreign companies. We also have our own brands. Our threads: Hard, Classic, Super, Star, Picasso, Mozart, Rainstar, Gold and Weber Einlagen inserts have enjoyed renown in Poland and abroad.

We keep on enriching our offer with new products by seeking supplier snot only in Poland but all over the world.

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  • zipper tape #5 spiral (I-T50-…)

    Zipper tape #5 with wide coil – create set with sliders of the same size (you can buy sliders separately). Available in a variety of colors.

    Product code: I-T50-…

    Coil dimension: #5 (about 5,9 mm)

    Coil composition: polyamide

    Tape composition: polyester

    Tape width: 30 mm (+/- 2 mm)

    Composition: About 16,5 g/m²

    Beam: 200 mb

    Applications: It is used for purses, backpacks, tents, footwear, clothes.

    Actual colours and price details

  • Polyamide fabric “CODURA” 600 (I-AO0-060-…)

    Product code: I-AO0-060-…

    Composition: 100% polyester, PVC coverage

    Width: 152 cm

    Symbol: 600×300

    Applications: Thick, abrasion resistance fabric with PVC  elastic coverage. It is used for bags, antimacassar, covers, dog bed etc.

    Actual colours and price details

  • Satin Lining “Satin” (I-XS0…)

    Product code: I-XSO

    Composition: 100% polyester

    Basis weight:  70 g/m²

    Width: 150 cm (160 cm is also available for white colour)

    Applications: The precious variety of satin lining. Twill weaves give glossy surface and lend glamour to fabric. It is used for decorations and clothes.

    Actual colours and price details

  • Polyamide raincoat “SPRINT”, 100% polyester with coating (I-XK0-190)

    Product code: I-XK0-190

    Composition: 100% polyester, PA coverage

    Basis weight: approximately 60 g/m²

    Width: 152 cm

    Applications: jackets, rainproof coat, cape and also as lining for bags and backpacs.

    Actual colours and price details

  • Elastic Tape (I-EL0-880…)

    Product code: I-EL0-880…-… 

    Width: 4, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50mm

    Composition: polyester, elastane

    Beam: width 4-6 mm – 100 rm, width 10-15 mm – 50 rm, width 20-50mm  – 25 rm

    Colours: white and black

    Applications: Elastic tape is made of a soft material. It is elastic (tension), after expanding returns to its original state. Elastic is most often inserted into garments to the waist or under the bust to dress, so it holds better on the spot, etc. 

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  • Lining “BASIC” (I-XP0-P1…)

    Product code: I-XP0-P1

    Composition: 100% polyester

    Basis weight: about 50-52 g/m²

    Width: 152 cm

    Applications: The lining fabric is suitable for coats, jackets, dresses but it can also be used for decorative purpose (banquet hall etc.)

    Actual colours and price details

  • Sewing Threads “HARD 5000″ (I-N50-40-…)

    “Hard” are general-purpose, polyester threads excel in their quality. They are made by spinning or twisting together shorter lengths of polyester fibers. They have excellent sewing skills, exhibits in seam strength. 

    Product code: I-N50-40-…

    Composition: 100% polyester

    Net weight: 130 g

    Symbol: 40/2 (120)

    Applications: they are designed most machine and hand sewing projects (basic seam and backstitch). This thread is suitable for fabrics with stretch in them and is especially good for woven synthetics, knits and stretch fabrics. 

    Actual colours and price details

  • Fusable web tape with glue (I-X50-WEB)

    Product code: I-X50-WEB
    Composition: 100% polyamide
    Basis weight:  23 g/m²
    Width: 10 mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm.
    Beam: 100 rm
    Applications: Tape joins together small items of clothing easily. We recommend for thin and delicate fabrics.
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